Mechanical Application

“Thermography can be used to identify and analyze thermal anomalies for condition monitoring of machines. These thermal anomalies are usually caused by such mechanisms as operation, improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components or mechanical loading anomalies.

Infrared thermography (IRT) is based on measuring the distribution of radiant thermal energy (heat) emitted from a target surface and converting this to a surface temperature map or thermogram. Thermal energy is present with the operation of all machines. It can be in the form of: friction losses within machines, energy losses within machines, as a characteristic of the process media, or any combination thereof. As a result, temperature can be a key parameter for monitoring the performance of machines, the condition of machines and the diagnostics of machine problems. Temperature is also one of the key causes and symptoms of lubricant degradation and loss of lubrication function within a machine.

IRT is an ideal technology to investigate thermal anomalies on machines because it provides complete thermal images of a machine, or a machine component, with no physical attachments (nonintrusive), requires little setup and provides the results in a short time. As such, thermography techniques can be used as part of a condition-monitoring process when such a process is implemented in accordance with ISO 17359.”

– As Stated By The March-April 2004 Issue of Machinery Lubrication


Conveyor Bearing At 15H.P. Motor Bearing Motor Side


Object Temp:159oC
Reference Temp:35oC
Temperature Rise:124oC


20hp Motor P003- Magnet Spray Pump Pulley/Belts


Object Temp:109oC
Reference Temp:38oC
Temperature Rise:71oC