Hot Spot

Catch It Hot!

Below are a list of some of the hot spots we have encountered
on an everyday basis. There are also helpful links that will help you
move efficiently through the temperature clubs.

100’s Club

  • Bus Stab Assembly
  • Bus To Fuse Assembly

200’s Club

  • Line/Lug Connection/Bushing
  • Line/Lug Connection/Bracket
  • Switch Assembly
  • Fuse Clip/Switch Assembly/Bus Stab
  • Switch Assembly/Bus Stab

300’s Club

  • Switch Assembly
  • Bus/Lug Connection
  • Line/Lug Connection/Internal

400’s Club

  • Line/Lug/Crimp Connection
  • Bus/Bus Adapter/Internal

Mechanical Applications

  • Bearing
  • Pulley/Belts

Bus Duct

  • Bus Joint
  • Bus/Bar Connection
  • Bus Joint
  • Switch Assembly/Bus Stab
  • Fuse Clip/Switch
  • Assembly/Bus Stab