Barcode Process

Bar Coding Scanning Into The Future

Since 1988, Thermal Technologies has experienced many changes and advancements in technology. Improvements in infrared imaging equipment and the onset of digital photography have led to continual improvements in the quality of our reports. The presentation of “Hot Spots” in our clients electrical systems has always been high priority, yet the documentation of all equipment inspected during a survey is equally important. The answer for improvements in documentation lies in our new bar coding system. Thermal Technologies began full implementation of this system in January 2006, replacing our old orange stickers with the new barcode.

Many advantages of this new system are being realized:

1) Better Documentation: Scanning of the barcode insures that all equipment is being checked and any conditions that prevent a piece of equipment from being inspected can also be documented.

2) Problem History: The database behind the barcode allows us to develop a case history of “Hot Spots” found during each inspection. Our technicians now will have a history of each piece of equipment when the barcode is scanned.

3) Electronic Format: Our clients now receive a copy of the report on CD, in addition to our bound report. The report can be made available for download from our website.

4) New Doors Opened: Bar coding has allowed us to offer our clients the opportunity to profile their equipment. The profile information is outlined here on our website.

Technology continues to advance and Thermal Technologies continues to embrace these advancements. We look forward to continued improvements through our bar coding system, allowing Thermal Technologies to stay committed to providing the highest level of quality in the infrared testing field.


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